Audio Roundup: R. Reisman Special

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by Joel Rich

Hat tip to Counselor K for providing the CD’s even as  the dog days of summer threatened his impeccable raiment and plumage. These shiurim are available for $ at

J-129 – Pre Pesach Thoughts

Some thoughts on the role of the Leviim and the special relationship between the tribes of Benjamin and Yehuda.

J-130 – The Luz Bone

Review of the various mentions of Luz in Tanach and Talmud.  Common factor is focus on eternity and that everyone has an opportunity to achieve it.  Our test is the spiritual galut we are in and having the faith to overcome it.

J-131 – Praying for a Daughter

General rule is Halacha focuses on the natural way of things (derech hateva).  Tfila is not derech hateva even though we believe it “works”, but there are no shortcuts.

J-132 – Click, Send, Oops

Shimon had the characteristic of awareness converted into immediate action.  We need to take that and apply it properly, be one of the small group (a frum TUM shout out to Vilfredo Pareto!) that makes things happen.  Be willing to make a fresh start.

J-133 – Rav Schwabs Letters

R’Schwab originally corresponded with gedolim on TIDE related issues and felt Torah only was l’chatchila and TIDE was bdieved.  Later in life he felt TIDE was l’chatchila.

R’Reisman tries to finesse my quandary with R’Dessler, how do we get a gadol (which is primary goal) while not making everyone else feel a failure.  We need to struggle with these questions.  Our Zevulun’s must not feel failed but be Zevulun’s “lchatchila” and that bitul Torah is OK for them [me – is this a strategy or are they  really lchatchila?).

J-134– Problem with Today’s Tcheilet

R’Reisman demurs (you can hear him for free on this topic on YUTORAH).

J-135 – The Marriage of a Daughter

The conjunctive letter Vav can be either and or or.   Males aren’t into deep relationships like women, but need to learn to be.  A Yissachar/Zevulun relationship is also a true partnership.  Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

J-136 – Shavuous Thoughts

Is a materially poor life of learning preferred or just sometimes necessary?  Zevulun/Yissachar was done on a tribal basis because you need a committed group around you.  Today we need many in learning, even if they are not the highest caliber, because of the temptations of society.  [Me – translated – that’s why we’re doing something much different than in the past even though chadash assur min hatorah]


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