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Rabbi Gil Student is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of TorahMusings.com, a leading website on Orthodox Jewish scholarly subjects, and the Book Editor of the Orthodox Union’s Jewish Action magazine. He writes a popular column on issues of Jewish law and thought featured in newspapers and magazines, including The Jewish Link, The Jewish Echo and The Vues. In the past, he has served as the President of the small Jewish publisher Yashar Books and as the Managing Editor of OU Press. Rabbi Student serves on the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America and as Director of the Halacha Commission of the Rabbinical Alliance of America. He also serves on the Editorial Boards of Jewish Action magazine, the Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society and the Achieve Journal of Behavioral Health, Religion & Community, as well as the Board of OU Press. He has published five English books, the most recent titled Search Engine volume 2: Finding Meaning in Jewish Texts -- Jewish Leadership, and served as the American editor for Morasha Kehillat Yaakov: Essays in Honour of Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.

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  1. Rabbi Avraham Bronstein, in “What a biblical tale of rape can teach us about Baltimore riots”, fundamentally misunderstands the Dinah story.
    He sees it as a choice between Peace and Justice, similar in some ways to events in Baltimore, with the implication that “peace” meant acceptance of Shechem’s dowry offer and his marriage to Dinah.
    But al pi pshat neither Jacob nor any of his sons were prepared to accept such a marriage. The split was between the sons who wanted to rescue Dinah without bloodshed (other than from circumcision) and the sons who insisted that all the people be punished.
    Rabbi Bronstein has thoroughly distorted the Dinah story in order to find contemporary “relevance”.

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