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by Joel Rich

After the Baby Boomers” Robert Wuthnow

“A majority of young adults still consider religion relevant to their lives and believe they could depend on a congregation if the chips were down. Meanwhile, though, they are increasingly busy elsewhere and their behavior is thus less subject to influences of any religious organization”.
Note-young adult<30 or so!
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Curious – Ian Leslie
But IQ is far from the sole determinant of success. Every experienced teacher has stories about clever kids who left school without the qualifications that less talented peers achieved, and college professors know that sometimes the most intelligent students are also the laziest. In recent years, psychologists studying differences in educational achievement have been paying more attention to the question of non-cognitive traits, by which they mean something like personality, or character. It’s now recognized that the attitude students take toward the learning process and the habits they practice have a bigger impact on how well they do in school than previously accounted for. This effect becomes more pronounced at more advanced levels of education, as differences in intellectual capacity flatten out. A longitudinal study of elite British students found that personality traits account for four times as much variance in test results as intelligence.

So which personality traits are important? The trait that has gained the most attention from researchers is conscientiousness and its related qualities: persistence, self-discipline, and what the psychologist Angela Duckworth termed “grit” – the ability to deal with failure, overcome setbacks, and focus on long-term goals. This group of attitudes is consistently correlated with high achievement.

Yes-but who looks for this-really

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