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Ferziger: Why Modern Orthodoxy Is in Crisis
Rabbi Stav: ‘Antagonism is not the Way to Combat Intermarriage’
Gordimer: Open Orthodoxy and the Orthodox Rebirth of the Conservative Movement
▪ Great religious debate on Israel’s The Voice after contestant becomes frum: Israel’s The Voice 3: Shai Dibo Cohen tells Aviv Gefen to learn Chassidut
A Jewish Matchmaker Whose Hand Led Hundreds Down the Aisle
New York circumcision controversy emblematic of longtime Orthodox ideological split
▪ Millions of dollars, no staff or overhead, hard limit on number of recipients per year. This will not end well: Like Life Insurance for an Ultra-Orthodox Community — But Not Quite
▪ An identity crisis for liberal Judaism: A Rabbi’s Departure Manifests a Challenge for Jews in America
▪ Did he refuse the draft or refuse to even register?: Hundreds protest jailing of yeshiva student for evading draft
Make My Soul Better: Mental Health In Israel’s Chareidi Communities
Cohen, Levin, Soloveichik: Thinking About Revelation
R Blau: The Role of Rabbis in Confronting Abuse in the Orthodox Community
▪ Watch the video interviews, particularly R. Amar. Very interesting: A Clash of Religion and Bioethics Complicates Organ Donation in Israel

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  1. As long as Areivim members understand that they are essentially participating in a lottery, I guess it is legal. Whether it is good public policy is another issue, but then again I suppose I’m biased by being an actuary and by hundreds of years of tontine history:

  2. R Aviner tells people to ask their LORY (Local Orthodox Rosh Yeshiva) http://www.ravaviner.com/2014/08/short-sweet-tect-message-q-265.html

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