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Who Is Aharon Lichtenstein?
▪ On Malcolm Hoenlein: King Without a Crown
‘Jeopardy’ for Jews
East Ramapo Tries to Heal Rifts Over School Cuts
Haredi yeshiva opens, includes two years of service in IDF’s Cyber Defense Unit
Schonfeld: Why Orthodoxy Flourishes
▪ Read the Hebrew box in the top right corner. American Charedim are giving less for ideological reasons: The Charedi world in Israel is in financial collapse

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Rabbi Gil Student is the founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of Torah Musings.

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  1. Re: Rabbi Yoel Schoenfeld’s letter:

    Is Orthodoxy really flourishing? Or does it simply have such a high birth rate, that the depressingly high departure rate doesn’t lead to our disappearance? As someone who spends much of their life on-line, it seems like we’re being swamped with a growing collection of crises. There was even a quarterly e-journal, Klal Perspectives, in which each issue was a collections of opinions on some crisis or another by noted names in he Orthodox community. On the other hand, it was short-lived.

    My children’s generation definitely looks anecdotally like it has far more defectors than among my peers. And then we talk about 15% of the girls going crazy for years looking for a shidduch that many of them don’t find, the number of disengaged but superficially observant, kiruv influx has held steady (fallen by a possibly negligable amount) despite a huge increase in funding, there is certainly a loss of trust of religious leadership (L’Affaire Slifkin, Lipa Shmeltzer, Spinka and the NJ dragnet, some of the gedolim’s statements during and since this past Israeli election, etc, etc, etc… have all cost trust…

    Has anyone checked the actual stats about our health? Because from here — which is admittedly an echo chamber of negativity, it’s hard to tell.

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