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▪ Simply no words: Three dead, teenager critical after shootings at Jewish facilities
▪ Looks very promising: The Tikvah Yeshiva Fellowships – Exciting New Program
Lipman: The Moment of Truth for the Haredi Political Leadership and Media
Sanzer Rebbe Says No Point In Visiting Graves Of Tzadikim
▪ An OU rabbi advocates for workers: Quinoa Is More Kosher Than the Labor Practices That Produce It
Passover 1864
How Do We Compare? The Jewish Intellectual Experience Beyond YU
▪ A growing Jewish community: A miracle in Uganda
▪ Interesting thoughts on “continuity” in the Greek Orthodox church, with obvious parallels to Judaism: Losing our Religion: On “Retaining” Young People in the Orthodox Church (h/t FT)
For some Jews, even pets must observe Passover rules
Private equity thinks that kosher could be the new organic
Rejoicing at the Presence of the Wicked Son at the Seder Table
Did Sandy Koufax Put on Tefillin During the 1965 World Series?

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  1. I thought the “retaining” article was a nice match to the Social Orthodox post – it’s why I don’t think the SO will transmit well to the kids.

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