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by Joel Rich

From Rav Aviner:

Torah Learning for the Ascension of a Deceased Person
Q: Does it benefit the deceased if one says before a regularly-scheduled class that the learning is “Le-Ilui Nishmat…”?
A: No. Only if they add extra learning after mentioning the deceased (Ha-Rav Chaim Kanievski said the same. Derech Sichah Vol.1 p. 484).

If you look it up there he also says that the credit for the extra learning only goes to the deceased, not the learner. However a father always gets credit for a son’s learning. (We’ve discussed this issue before IIRC)
The Shulchan Aruch uses the word Yishtadel 4 times (3 in orach chaim and one in even haezer) and the phrase midat chassidut 3 times (all in choshen mishpat).
Are there other such phrases that are used and any pattern as to what circumstances the shulchan aruch uses them?

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