Israel – Home of Hope

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To mark Israel’s 60th anniversary in 2008, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks produced a double CD – “Israel – Home of Hope” – that used the power of words and music to tell the extraordinary and inspiring story of the modern State of Israel.

You can download them for free here: link

CD 1

  1. The Jewish land of hope (Rabbi Sacks)
  2. Exodus: Theme Music (Written by Ernest Gold. Courtesy Intersound / Sheridan Square Entertainment / EMI Music Publishing.)
  3. Though they no longer lived in the land, the land lived on in them (Rabbi Sacks)
  4. Im Eshkachech: If I Forget You (Sung and arranged by Shimon Craimer.)
  5. A holy people in a holy land (Rabbi Sacks)
  6. Ana Hashem: Truly G-d (Sung by Eli Gerstner & the Chevra. Music by Reb Shlomo Carlebach. Arranged by Eli Gerstner.)
  7. They left their land, their birthplace and their father’s house (Rabbi Sacks)
  8. Hasidah: The Stork (Sung by Shlomo Gronich & The Sheba Choir. Music by Shlomo Gronich. Words by Haim Idisis. Arranged by Shlomo Gronich.)
  9. The longest exile (Rabbi Sacks)
  10. Akevot Be-chol: Footprints in the Sand (Sung by Gad Elbaz. Written by Tamar Asnafi. Adapted by Benny & Gad Elbaz.)
  11. Whenever they could, they returned (Rabbi Sacks)
  12. Yedid Nefesh: Soul’s Beloved (Sung by Sam Glaser. Music by S. and E. Zweig. Words by Reb Eliezer Azikri.)
  13. The dream and the nightmare (Rabbi Sacks)
  14. Yerushalayim: Jerusalem (Composed and sung by Reb Shlomo Carlebach.)
  15. Not one inch they could call home (Rabbi Sacks)
  16. Keili Keili: My G-d, My G-d (Sung and arranged by Shimon Craimer. Words by Hannah Senesh.)
  17. A pillar of cloud marked the place (Rabbi Sacks)
  18. Keil Maleh Rachamim: Memorial Prayer for the Dead (Sung by Shalom Katz. Courtesy Hed-Arzi Music.)
  19. The State is born (Rabbi Sacks)
  20. Odecha: I Will Thank You (Sung by Moshe Haschel & The Ne’imah Singers. Music composed by Shalom Secunda. Arranged by Raymond Goldstein.)
  21. So many prayers have been answered (Rabbi Sacks)
  22. Ki Malakhav: His Angels (Sung by Eli Gerstner & The Chevra. Composed and produced by Eli Gerstner.)

CD 2

  1. The bitter and the sweet (Rabbi Sacks)
  2. Al Kol Eileh: For All These (Sung and arranged by Shimon Craimer. Written by Naomi Shemer.)
  3. The Ingathering (Rabbi Sacks)
  4. Ha-masa: The Journey (Sung by The Sheba Choir. Music by Shlomo Gronich. Words by Haim Idisis.)
  5. And there was war (Rabbi Sacks)
  6. Yerushalayim Shel Zahav: Jerusalem of Gold (Sung by Sam Glaser. Written by Naomi Shemer.)
  7. Seeking Peace (Rabbi Sacks)
  8. Inshallah: G-d Willing (sung and arranged by Gad Elbaz. Words by Moran Elbaz.)
  9. Hopes and Disappointments (Rabbi Sacks)
  10. V’hi Sh’am’da: The Promise (Sung by Shimon Craimer. Music and arrangement by Stephen Levey.)
  11. A people sustained by faith (Rabbi Sacks)
  12. Arim Roshi: I’ll Raise My Head (Sung by Shay Gabso. Written by Moshe Dahbol and Haova Ozeri. Words by Shay Gabso.)
  13. Remembering Jerusalem (Rabbi Sacks)
  14. Jerusalem (Sung by Matisyahu. Written by Matisyahu Miller, Jimmy Douglass and Ivan Corraliza. Matisyahu appears courtesy of Epic Records.)
  15. Im Eshkachech 2: If I Forget You (Sung by Eli Gerstner & The Chevra. Music composed by Reb Shlomo Crlebach. Arranged by Yisroel Lamm.)
  16. Im Eshkachech 3: If I Forget You (Sung byn Lev Tahor. Music by Reb Motel Twersky. Arranged by Leib Yaacov Rigler.)
  17. The journey is not yet over (Rabbi Sacks)
  18. Oseh Shalom Bimromav: He Who Makes Peace (Sung by Jonny Turgel. Music by Stephen Levey. Arranged by Yuval Havkin and Stephen Levey.)
  19. Remembering those who died (Rabbi Sacks)
  20. Ke-she-halev Bocheh: When the Heart Weeps (Sung by Levi Levin. Music by Shmuel Elbaz. Words by Yossi Gispan, Arlet Tzfadia. Adapted and arranged by Trevor Horn.)
  21. I believe, therefore I am (Rabbi Sacks)
  22. When You Believe (from The Prince of Egypt) (Sung by Shimon Craimer. Music and workds by Stephen Schwartz. Courtesy DWA Songs / Cherry Lane Music Publishing. Arranged by Trevor Horn.)
  23. Israel, home of hope (Rabbi Sacks)
  24. Hatikvah: The Hope (Sung by Lionel Rosenfeld & The Shabbaton Choir. Words by Naftali Hertz Imber. Arranged by Trevor Horn.)

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