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▪ R. Menachem Penner responds to R. Avi Weiss: Distortion Of Rav’s Position
▪ R. Arie Folger on Torah Im Derekh Eretz: Culture, a Foundation for Torah?
“Pesach Bagel” Available This Year
Yeshiva U. Faces Long Fight To Reverse Fiscal Rot
Poll: 25% of haredi youth identify as Zionist
Interview of Rabbi Yitzchak Goodman on his New Translation of “Marvel’s of our Blessed G-d’s Torah”

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Rabbi Gil Student is the founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of Torah Musings.

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  1. From the Interview of Rabbi Yitzchak Goodman:
    “He proves that nobody but Hashem could have written the Torah because many enigmatic or unclear sentences become perfectly clear when you realize that they allude to events in the days of Dovid or Shlomo centuries after the Torah was given.”

    Of course, this assumes that one accepts that the Torah was written at the time of Moshe. He seems not to acknowledge that Bible critics don’t.

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