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Freundel: Critique of RCA policies has conversion matter wrong
▪ R Pruzansky on Charedi army service: An Exchange
Open letter to the Presbyterian Church USA from an Iraqi Jew
▪ NPR on Na Nach: Israel’s Orthodox Ravers Are On A Holy Mission To Dance
▪ The challanges facing a frum actor: Torah and Theater
▪ Fun info about the career challenges facing a rabbi. Interesting that Reform is trying to graduate more non-pulpit rabbis: So you’ve decided to become a rabbi…
▪ Seems like a big deal but I don’t know enough about the local politics to understand the full significance: Two Jewish schools in Atlanta merging
Jerusalem cinema complex to remain closed on Shabbat as terms renegotiated
▪ I have never felt anything other than welcome in the Orthodox community despite never quite fitting in: An Unconventional Orthodox Rabbi
Strange Tie Between Jew’s Harps and Circumcision Clamps

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  1. “NPR on Na Nach”
    LOL. I guess nonsense is nonsense, but the reporting on of nonsense is journalism…

    BTW, here’s a link to NaNach’s ‘official’ site

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