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▪ Charedim, army and prayer gatherings: Melamed: Haredim and the mitzvah to serve in the IDF, Haredi Jews rally in N.Y. against Israeli draft proposal, Oppenheimer: And the Jews Gathered Together in Prayer . . . before Purim, In Radio Interview Lipman Dispels Notions About Draft
▪ We need more gatherings like this: Over 1,000 gather in Times Square to learn about aliyah
N.Y. man pleads guilty to violently forcing husbands to give gets
▪ Beautiful: Rav Hershel Schachter’s Visit to Woodmere Last Shabbos and the Mantle of Leadership
▪ I am proud to be a descendant of Polish Jews: Polish voters sign petition for public referendum to legalize shechitah
▪ Polish interfaith dialogue over history of anti-semitism: When Repentance Comes
Blech: Suing Parents
▪ If I understand correctly, the BDA was asked to approve the conversion and it said that it will not: RCA: We don’t proactively seek to reevaluate past conversions
Jewish Groups Praise Feds’ New ‘Kippah Rules’
Fischer: The War Against the Rabbinical Council of America
▪ This is great fun and I’m sure the kids grow personally from the experience of training and playing: Ultra Orthodox High School Boasts Full-Piece Marching Band
▪ Kind of what R. Mordechai Breuer did with the Hebrew Bible, but on Christian translations: Hacking the Bible

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