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by Joel Rich

From a recent Kashrus article:

The principle of DIRTFT says that instead of solving the problem with new and improved koshering methods, just avoid the kovush problem totally. If the tank holds 1000 gallons of milk, a CLEAN pump should be attached to the outlet of the tank. The raw milk should be pumped out of the outlet through a hose that will go into the top of tank. If the capacity of the pump is 100 gallons per minute, then, in order to include a safety factor, the pump should be operating for 20 minutes. This way, every drop of milk has been removed from the tank and returned to it. The Halacha of Koivush only applies if the liquid was in the tank for 24 continuous hours, not when it was removed and returned into the same tank. We have now avoided the problem of Kovush. By using this method of avoidance, we also solve the problem of the farmer not having more than one tank and he has nowhere to pump the milk into to avoid Kovush. The same tank that the raw milk is stored in can be used to avoid Kovush problems totally.

Me – Does this guarantee that every drop of milk has been removed? Wouldn’t one have to understand how fluid dynamics apply to the particular tank?

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