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▪ A good start: 170 Chareidi Soldiers Sworn In To IDF
▪ Accountability is important: Committee passes bill that allows the firing of rabbis
The World’s Oldest Kurd: A Beloved Rabbi in the Heart of the Holy City
Adlerstein: Rav Schachter’s Bright-Line Rule On Halachic Innovation
Can Marriage Cure Poverty? (h/t First Thoughts)
Hebrew Charter School Movement Shows Signs of Growth–and Growing Pains
▪ When some people say that feminism is heresy, this is what they mean: Religious feminism within rabbis’ home
Abraham Isaac Kook Receives the Call

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Rabbi Gil Student is the founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of Torah Musings.


  1. I am not sure it is fair for those of us in the diaspora to talk about chareidim not serving in the army. A war for the defense of that many Jews would require us and our sons to serve as well. We may have our own schemes to excuse ourselves, but we should realize we’re with them on the defensive.

    We can note when dishonesty or other inappropriate tactics are being used. But “a good start” rubs me the wrong way.

  2. What percent of Nachal Chareidi is Chareidi vs Chardali?

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