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Natorei Karta Man Who Spied For Iran To Serve 4.5 Years In Plea Deal
An Open Letter To My Role Model, Rabbi Avi Weiss
Shafran: The Benefits of a Woman’s Place
▪ Which is more successful, Charedi or Religious Zionist kiruv?: Adlerstein: The Success of Chareidi Kiruv
▪ Not inherently bad but open to abuse: ‘Discriminatory’ rabbinic ordination halted by Chief Rabbinate
Orthodox, Gay, and Out of the Closet
▪ YCT grad resigns from shul due to lack of mechitzah: A Message from the Rabbi
SAR principal explains decision to allow girls to wear tefillin at school minyanim
▪ About “experiential education”: Formalizing the Informal
Goldberg: Response to the Open Letter from Josh Stadlan
A Letter to Rabbi Goldberg

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