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56,000 fewer abortions and not a single protest
▪ I’ve been saying this for years. Don’t fight it, fight for religious protections: Evangelicals’ Favorite Same-Sex Marriage Law?
▪ R Lord Jonathan Sacks, speaking to the House of Lords: Animal Welfare & Shechita
▪ Peter Berger on the attitude of “the intelligentsia” that religion is superstition (h/t First Thoughts): Religion As Magic
▪ We’ll see if R Avi Weiss will be the cause for the recognition of non-Orthodox rabbis (insert Open Orthodoxy joke here): On the rights of non-Orthodox rabbis, where’s the outrage?
▪ Orthodox give more than Conservative: Report: Bulk of Jewish donations come from synagogue members
New Jerusalem Kashrut Certification Gaining Popularity and Saving Money
▪ Another try. Not a bad idea but certainly a difficult political play: Two become one: Ministers approve proposal to have only one chief rabbi
Beyond Potatoes: Meet the Chief Rabbi of Idaho Falls
Rabbi in the Middle of America: Happy Birthday Rabbi Kripke!

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