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▪ More on the Rabbanut and R Avi Weiss: Pruzansky: The Spinning Wheel, R Yamin Levy on why he doesn’t expect his conversions to be universally accepted: OK With Being Excluded
▪ Orthodox singers: Rapping to God
▪ This will all be moot soon, when his sentence is over: Remaining Silent on Pollard Invites Political Bullying of All American Jews
▪ So sad that we are even having this discussion: Intermarriage Rorschach Test
▪ More tech hype or true game changer? I can’t tell the difference anymore: Mercava platform touting itself as future of Jewish education
Adlerstein: Charedim and The Gap
▪ Maybe the national anthem should be changed from “O Canada” to “Throw the Jew Down the Well”: “Let’s Burn the Jew” is not Anti-Semitic?
Confessions of a Shomer Shabbat Hollywood Screenwriter Part 2

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