Interview with Rabbi Genack

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Nachum Segal interviewed R. Menachem Genack about his new book, Letters to President Clinton: Biblical Lessons on Faith and Leadership. This is a fascinating interview that covers many issues of religion and politics. Nachum asks some very tough questions.

And the book, on which I worked, is a fascinating collection of divrei Torah on leadership which President Clinton clearly read and to which he responded in writing. Some copies of his handwritten or typed notes are included in the book. Many of the essays in the book were written by R. Genack but many were written by others, including R. Norman Lamm, R. Jonathan Sacks, R. Shalom Carmy, Cynthia Ozick, Shimon Peres, Prof. Jeremy Dauber and a wide variety of other scholars.

If you see nothing below, you can access the interview here: link

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