How to Use the Bible

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The Bible is not just a text to study but also a source of inspiration and prayer. R. Herbert S. Goldstein once published the following incredibly useful list in his synagogue newspaper, as recorded in The Maverick Rabbi, p. 219 (reprinted here with permission):

When you have the blues, read Psalm 34.
When you are discouraged, read Isaiah 40.
When God seems far away, read Psalm 139.
When you are lonely or afraid, read Psalm 23.
When penitent, read Psalm 51.
When men fail you, read Psalm 27.
When you want courage, read Joshua 1.
When in danger, read Psalm 91.
When you want faith, read Psalm 73.
When in sorrow, read the Book of Job.
When leaving home, read Psalm 121.
When pondering over environment, read Psalm 1.
For prudence, read Proverbs.
For correction, read Isaiah 1.
The Ten Commandments, Exodus, chapter 20, vs. 1-17.

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