Weekly Freebies: Chief Rabbi Farewell

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Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks presents his final message in a free pamphlet:

In his final message before stepping down after more than two decades in office, Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks recounts his personal journey of discovery and faith. Through a compelling analysis of recent Jewish history, ‘A Judaism Engaged with the World’ warns that a Judaism divorced from society will be a Judaism unable to influence society or inspire young Jews. Calling Judaism “the voice of hope in the conversation of humankind”, Rabbi Sacks argues that in the twenty-first century, Jews will need the world, and the world will need the Jews. What we need, he argues, is a Judaism unafraid to engage with the intellectual, ethical, political and personal challenges of our time. As one chapter in his own life comes to a close, Rabbi Sacks invites you to join him in his mission to inspire a new generation of Jewish leaders with the confidence to address the challenges that face Jews, Judaism and Israel today.

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