Weekly Freebies: Shabbos Goy

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The circumstances under which you may ask (or hint to) a gentile to perform for you a forbidden labor on Shabbos are complex and often misunderstood. R. Yitzchak Zilberstein’s massive work on the subject, Melakhim Omanayikh, is available for free download at HebrewBooks: link.

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  1. Weekly freebies are getting interesting. Last week giving away avodah zarah and this week Shabbos goys. I can’t wait to see what will come next!

  2. One of my years in YU, the kollel was doing avodah zarah. That was easily joked about.

  3. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that in some areas (perhaps this one) the halacha is so complicated that a person of average intelligence is simply incapably of understanding and keeping it?

  4. R’ Shlomo,
    I’m not sure bothered is the right word, but I’ve reflected in the past that it is interesting that our approach to the halachic process has yielded this result.

  5. If you know the general rules, almost all the details flow naturally.

  6. Was I the only one disappointed that this wasnt a free copy of Prof Jacob Katzs book?

  7. From a recent audioroundup:
    •Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz -Ten Minute Halacha – Work Exercise and Travel Before Davening
    R’Lebowitz does a yeoman’s job trying to provide a theoretical underpinning to define which activities are permitted or prohibited prior to morning prayer. It does seem, however, that CLOR is the only simple rule to follow (arghhhh – multiple undefined generating functions at work again!).


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