Parashah Roundup: Vayishlach 5773

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by Steve Brizel

  • Rav Soloveitchik ZL, sets forth the limitations inherent in interfaith ecumenical theological dialogue: link (PDF). For those interested in the background to and effect of “Confrontation“, see see Community, Covenant and Commitment: Selected Letters and Communications of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik (ed. Nathaniel Helfgot, Ktav, 2005) at Pages 247-252, 257-258, 259-267
  • R Walter Wurzburger ZL justifies and explains the limitations on interfaith ecumenical theological dialogue: link
  • R Aaron Soloveitchik ZL explains why this week’s Parsha has an eternal message in dealing with the various manifestations of Esau in Jewish history: link (audio); as well as a guide to dealing with Esau and Gentiles: link (audio)
  • R D David Berger emphasizes why “Confrontation” remains of vital importance: link
  • R Berel Wein explains why Yaakov Avinu did not rely solely on Tefilah: link
  • R Yissocher Frand explains why the name of the Angel of Esau did not reveal his name to Yaakov: link
  • R Yitzchak Etshalom explores the actions of Shimon and Levi in response to the violation of Dinah: link
  • The Netziv, as elucidated by R Yitzchak Adlerstein, analyzes the motivations of the actions of the Shevatim: link
  • The Nesivos Shalom. as elucidated by R Yitzchak Adlerstein,, explores the mixed messages of Yaakov to Esau: link
  • R Ezra Bick analyzes Yaakov’s building of an altar at Beit El: link
  • R Michael Rosensweig sets forth Yaakov’s principled pursuit of principle: link
  • R Shlomoh Riskin discusses the elements of continuity and destiny: link
  • R Asher Brander discusses the components of spiritual heroism: link
  • R Asher Weiss analyzes the Issur of Gid HaNasheh: link
  • R Yaakov Neuberger , R Elchanan Adler, and R Azarya Berzon discuss issues raised by the commentary of the Ramban: link 1 (audio), link 2 (audio), link 3 (audio), link 4 (audio), link 5 (audio)
  • R Avigdor Nevenzal discusses how to act LShem Shamayim: link
  • R Asher Weiss: link (video), and R Pesach Krohn provide Chizuk to the residents of Far Rockaway and the Five Towns: link (video)
  • R Dovid Miller explains why unity is a prerequisite for Tefilah: link (audio)
  • Dr. David Pelcovitz discusses how to deal with the emotional trauma of rocket attacks in Israel and the aftereffect of Hurricane Sandy: link (audio)
  • R Baruch Simon discusses Tikun HaPrat VHaKlal: link (audio)
  • R Avishai David analyzes the contrast between Yaakov and Yisrael: link (audio)
  • Shoalim VDorshim Department

  • Rav Soloveitchik ZL examines various halachic and hashkafic aspects of Hilcos Chanukah: link (audio)
  • R Asher Weiss and R David Brofksy discuss various aspects of Hilcos Chanukah: link 1 (audio), link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5, link 6, link 7, link 8, link 9
  • R Dr. David Berger discusses the “historicity” of Chanukah: link
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    1. Thank you for this extensive and excellent collection of Torah links!

    2. Justification and Limitations of Interfaith Dialogue by Rabbi Walter S. Wurzburger (Excerpts):

    3. So do I understand Etshalom correctly that the massacred of everyone at Shchem was morally justified?

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