Weekly Freebies: Yefeh Toar

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In the standard editions of Midrash Rabbah, only a highly condensed version of R. Shmuel Yaffe Ashkenazi‘s masterful Yefeh Toar commentary can be found. The full commentary on the first three books of the Torah can be found online here:

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  1. Once upon a time, they were working on a newly typed print of this sefer, but after the first volume came out and almost no one bought it, they gave up. So, now we have to suffer with the horrible old print…

  2. This an important work. I was told by one of the guys in charge of the Artscroll Midrash Rabbah that in fact alot of the material in the later perushim in the Vilna MR in fact is taken from the YT, but no one realized this because they dont have access to the original.

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