Yom Kippur

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Gemar chasimah tovah

May you be inscribed for good

Here is a link to a Hebrew-English Machzor for Yom Kippur (by Arthur Davis and Herbert M. Adler, Hebrew Publishing Company, London edition, no date): link (includes viduy for Erev Yom Kippur)

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  1. My grandparents had a few copies of this machzor. My impression was that that was the standard machzor of their era.

    I flipped to the end, and it has “The Shophar is sounded” after maariv. I’ve never heard of that. Is there such a minhag?

  2. @JS, that is a simply smart way to ensure people do not skip maariv just after having spent a whole day saying selach lanu. I wonder, though, whether there are any congregations that introduced such a practice in recent years.

  3. I must thank HASHEM, because I prayed to Him for
    a very easy fast throughout the entire Yom Kippur,
    and He granted my request.

    I felt like I was not fasting at all, Baruch HaShem!


    Over the past 25+ years, whenever I prayed in advance for
    an easy fast on Yom Kippur, my request was always granted
    [except for once when my prayers in this area were substandard].

    Also, whenever I did not pray in advance for an easy fast
    on Yom Kippur, I always had a hard time with the fast.

    If you attempt this prayer, then I suggest
    that you start in Chodesh Elul.

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