New Halacha Sefer!

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By: Rabbi Ari Enkin

I am excited to announce the release of my newest English Halacha sefer: “Shu”t Hashulchani: Halachic Insights & Responsa“. It is the fifth volume in the series. As with the previous volumes, Shu”t Hashulchani discusses over 100 contemporary halachic issues in a very unique and broad manner. There are over 2500 maarei mekomot/references. It is Hardcover / 265 pp.

Among the many topics that are discussed in the sefer: Shabbat Related Issues (Opening Bottles, Folding a Tallit, Playing Ball, Exercise, and more), Yom Tov Sheini: Visitors to Israel, Yom Hashoah, Kissing Children in the Synagogue, Mezonot Rolls, Business Dealings With Non-Kosher Foods, Breaking an Engagement, The Week Before a  Wedding, Shaitels, Animal Issues (Tza’ar Ba’alei Chaim, Going to the Zoo, Pets, and more), The Tekufa, Travel, autopsies….and much much more!

This sefer will NOT be available in stores or on-line. It is all “new” material – none of it has appeared on the blog or anywhere else.

The price is only $25 including shipping! BONUS: Free Hirhurim/Torah Musings PEN with mention of this posting! SUPER BONUS: Order any combination of 3 books (for my other titles see here: and get a FREE copy of my sefer “Dalet Amot” (First ed.)! (While supplies last) 

If you enjoy my postings on Hirhurim, please consider ordering a sefer as a token of your support. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed!

To order:

Via Paypal to: [email protected] (Note: Send USD only!) OR Checks  can be sent to me at: Rechov Nachal Dolev 31/15, Ramat Beit Shemesh, ISRAEL 99630

Thank you for your support!

Wishing Everyone a Gemar Chatima Tova!!

Ari Enkin

About Ari Enkin

Rabbi Ari N. Enkin, a resident of Ramat Beit Shemesh, is a researcher and writer of contemporary halachic issues. He is the author of the “Dalet Amot of Halacha” series (8 volumes), Rabbinic Director of United with Israel and a RA"M at a number of yeshivot.


  1. “I can assure you that you will not be disappointed!”

    A touch of hubris there…

  2. Apologize for my previous comment, I could have said it nicer….You would probably be more effective with a “softer” sell.

  3. It is not hubris. He says that if you enjoy his postings you will not be disappointed by the book. He is trying to give people a taste of what the book is like, and he is saying that it is like his posts. So if you don’t like the posts, the book is not for you, as you won’t like it either.


  4. hey,
    I am not in israel. how else can I get your newest sefer?

  5. Just reading through your list.
    Kissing children is wrong in shul (or hitting them!).
    Going to the zoo is a mitsva.
    Our tekufa is wrong. It should be the season change.

  6. Meir-

    ….youve just proven that youll really enjoy the books!!

    Ari Enkin

  7. Michael-

    All the information in the post is valid for anywhere in the world.

    Ari Enkin

  8. On simchas torah during hakofos. A person holding a sefer torah gave it away to hold his grandchild instead. It reminded me of kissing a child in shul.
    The tekufa today has four applications. One when to start saying tal umotor. Two when ‘nittal’ is. Three when to ‘throw’ out the water and four when to say birchas hachamo. Since the longest night is not December the 25th he most likely was not born then but a few days earlier.
    Folding a tallis. One should not do this on shabbos unless you have used someone else’s (without permission!) and not the same folds.
    To fold it after shabbos is a ‘segula’ for sholom bayis. If you wait till the next morning you have to shake off the ‘klippos’.
    The shabbos before the wedding the boy gets an aliya and has an aufruf to prove to the girl he wont change his mind. If the wedding is in the middle of the week it should ideally be done the shabbos before since there should be seven days from ‘tovua’.

  9. Please consider publishing it on LULU (if feasible), that way it’s a lot easier for us outside of Israel to place an order.

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