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Pesach is just around the corner and I am thinking back to the time when we used to have to pay a few bucks for a comprehensive Pesach guide. Now you can get them for free from your favorite kosher supervision organization. Here are a few Pesach guides available online:

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  1. I think that kashrut.com is the most reliable guide because they take a stand that quinoa is kitnyot and we all know that Pesach is all about finding new chumras.

  2. Thank you for the reference, every year i look one of those.

  3. i first started reading your blog when i found it a few years back when googling for a pesach guide and clicked on your post linking to the stark guide
    keep up the good work

  4. zach: That certainly has been the case for the last several hundred years.

  5. I am sure that even Abraham Avinu did not eat Quinoa on Pessach.

  6. How about a list of Haggados -like a must buy list for anyone interested in deepening their appreciation and enhancment of Sipur Yetzias Mitzrayim?

  7. Steve, I’d very much like to recommend Rav Rimon’s Haggadah, from Mossad HaRav Kook. (There’s at least one, maybe two, accompanying volumes of hilchot haseder as well.) I heard him speak on it last year and it opened up the Haggadah to me in a whole new way.

    Of course, there are so many good ones out there…

  8. Oh, I see it’s been translated into English as well. Good!

  9. One of my closest frriends recently showed me his copy of R Rimon’s Haggadah. It is a wonderful Haggadah with charts to aid one’s understanding of various shitos and shiurim and numerous biographical sketches of Rishonim and Acharonim, and many informative footnotes as well.

  10. And structure of the Haggadah.

  11. Any idea where I can get a copy of R. Rimon’s Haggadah with English translation here in the USA?

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