Weekly Freebies: Haggados

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HebrewBooks has a whole section of free haggados: link

Here are a few interesting ones that caught my eye:

See prior posts here: link

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  1. Many thanks. By the way, the later (and more important) Goldschmidt (1960) is available for a pittance in Israel: http://www.bialik-publishing.co.il/product_reviews.php?products_id=213&language=he

  2. Everybody knows about hebrewbooks by now, I would think.

    More interesting, Rabbi Mark Greenspan’s translations of classic haggadah commentaries. Most recent, last year’s translation of R Yedidia Theo Weil’s “Marbeh Lesaper”.

  3. An excellent seder-related freebie from someone who has researched the kezayis issue to the nth degree and explained what it means l’maaseh in terms of how much matza one has to eat. I don’t think there’s any further work to be done on the issue after this:

    Or on hebrewbooks:

  4. where is the dubno maggid’s

  5. Another useful free resource: הגדה של פסח – אוסף פירושים

  6. J=thanks for the link to R H Margolin’s work.

  7. link to rabbi Greenspan’s translation of Marbeh Lisaper does not work.

  8. Yes, there seems to be a typo on the site. Try this: it worked for me.

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