Books Received

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The following books have been received and may be reviewed or quoted in the future:

About Gil Student

Rabbi Gil Student is the Editor of, a leading website on Orthodox Jewish scholarly subjects, and the Book Editor of the Orthodox Union’s Jewish Action magazine. He writes a popular column on issues of Jewish law and thought featured in newspapers and magazines, including The Jewish Link, The Jewish Echo and The Vues. In the past, he has served as the President of the small Jewish publisher Yashar Books and as the Managing Editor of OU Press. Rabbi Student has served two terms on the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America and currently serves as the Director of the Halacha Commission of the Rabbinical Alliance of America. He serves on the Editorial Boards of Jewish Action magazine, the Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society and the Achieve Journal of Behavioral Health, Religion & Community, as well as the Board of OU Press. He has published five English books, the most recent titled Search Engine volume 2: Finding Meaning in Jewish Texts -- Jewish Leadership, and served as the American editor for Morasha Kehillat Yaakov: Essays in Honour of Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.


  1. Link is wrong for the second book.

  2. Gil,

    Do you have any intention of reviewing the second book? It could make for a very interesting discussion.

  3. Its funny but my fist impression of the title is a look at how Orthodox Jewish men live and “survive” in an egaliatarian world. After reading the brief review, to me the title is inappropriate (maybe not the right word) or doesn’t express the subject matter of her book well.

  4. Having glanced at the book, it seems to be about why men like the new partnership minyanim – after all, they don’t objectively get anything extra out of it.

  5. The cremation one interests me. I’ve always had the theological question of what precisely is wrong there. Of course, it’s assur, but from an objective point of view, how is it any more “disrespectful” than burial?

  6. “Of course, it’s assur, but from an objective point of view, how is it any more “disrespectful” than burial?”

    Two guesses:

    1) It was a popular pagan ritual.

    2) A human should “return to the earth” whole.

  7. True. But what of the exhortations that decomposition be as fast as possible? Cremation seems to handle that.

  8. “But what of the exhortations that decomposition be as fast as possible?”

    A contrast to the mummification prevalent in many societies and which borders on self-deification.

    “Cremation seems to handle that”

    Yes, but it still runs against points one and two above.

  9. Anyone seen a decent price ( in comparison with the listed price of appproximately $35.00) on R Ziegler’s new book on the thought of RYBS ( as opposed to the new version of The Lonely Man of Faith)?

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