Parashah Roundup: Va’era 5772

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By: Adina C. Brizel (as a zechus for the continued Refuah Shleimah of Zelig ben Rachel Devora Brizel)

  • Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky asks why the wheat wasn’t destroyed by the hail
  • Rabbi Yaakov Haber explains the logic behind Pharoah’s second-guessing the Makkot
  • Rabbi Yonasan Sacks discusses the idea of hakarat hatov and the Makkot
  • Rabbi Avishai David explores Ramban on Parshat Va’era (audio)
  • Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetzsky discusses lessons from Makkat Tzfardea (audio)
  • Rabbi Goldwicht describes the warnings before the Makkot (audio)
  • Rabbi Simon on why Hashem responded to Moshe with “lashon kasha” (audio)
  • Mrs. Shira Smiles discusses the purpose of the extensive description of the Jewish People’s continued responses to Yetziat Mitzrayim (audio)
  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter discusses the evolution of the Kf’ui Tovah of Pharoah from denying Yosef to denying Hashem (audio)
  • Dr. Rebecca Press Schwartz on the purpose of the Makkot (audio)
  • Rabbi Dani Rapp explores the source of the Chartumim’s power (audio)
  • Rabbi Ezra Bick explains the effect of the Makkot on Bnei Yisrael
  • Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzal discusses how anthropomorphic descriptions of Hashem are really directed towards how we perceive other people
  • Rabbi Shlomo Aviner asks why the early Makkot were able to be replicated by the Chartumim
  • Rabbi Frand explains how Pharoah miscalculated the level of empathy between Shevet Levi and the rest of their enslaved brethren
  • Rabbi Wein explains the shift in Moshe’s mood about his mission from the beginning to the Parsha to the end of the Parsha
  • Rabbi Osher Zelig Weiss explores why Moshe and Aharon needed to display Kavod HaMalchus towards Pharoah (audio)
  • Rabbi Lord Sacks describes how Hashem empowers Bnei Yisrael to alter the course of history by appearing to them in a different way than he did with the Avot
  • Rabbi Twersky defines the different approaches toward Bechira Chofshit
  • Rabbi Pollock offers an approach to why the conversation between Hashem and Moshe is interrupted by the yichus of Reuvain,Shimon, and Levi (DOC)
  • Rabbi Leff on Makkat Barad (audio)
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