Walking In The Middle Of Praying

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For those who do not yet know, here is a link to R. Shlomo Aviner’s blog: link. It is really just a collection of his frequent halakhic rulings and essays, rather than an interactive website of his thoughts. Nevertheless, I think that this is the first blog of a major rabbi.

Here is a recent post about a fairly explicit but little-known rule (link):

Q: What should a person do if he hears a warning siren for an incoming missile and he is in the middle of the Shemoneh Esrei?

Click here to read moreA: He should certainly run to the bomb shelter and continue to daven the Shemoneh Esrei there. This is based on two reasons: 1. It is a case of a life-threatening situation. 2. Walking in the middle of the Shemoneh Esrei without speaking is not considered an interruption. For example, if I am davening the Shemoneh Esrei and a child is bothering me something terrible and I cannot concentrate, I can move to another place. Or if I am davening by heart and I cannot remember “Ya’ale Ve-Yavo,” I can go and get a siddur. Speaking is forbidden but there is no problem of moving if there is a need. Therefore, if I am in the middle of the Shemoneh Esrei and I hear a warning siren for an incoming missile, I should go to the bomb shelter without talking and continue to daven in the place where I left off.

For those who are thinking of commenting or e-mailing that you disapprove of Rav Aviner, don’t bother. You will be deleted and/or ignored. I’m not interested in politics or the manipulation of great rabbis, which is what (after investigation) I consider all the ruckus.

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