Tisha B’Av and Havdalah

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From the Ezras Torah calendar:


The Chazzan says: “Baruch Hamavdil Bein Lechol” without mentioning the Divine Names. He removes his shoes before beginning Borchu. The congregation removes their shoes after Borchu. (We remove the curtain from the Aron HaKodesh, we dim the lighting, and we sit on the floor or on a low stool. We do not sit on regular chairs or benches until after midday. We recite Maariv in a low and subdued voice; Shemonah Esrei with Atah Chonantanu; Kaddish Tiskabel after Shemonah Esrei; when we see candle-light (before the reading of Lamentations) we make the full Bracha Borei Me’oiri Ha’aysh. The rest of Havdalah is not made until Sunday night after the Fast. We have a public recitation of Eichah — the Book of Lamentations, followed by several Kinos for the night of Tisha B’Av; Va’atah Kodesh; Kaddish Tiskabel without Tiskabel; (we do not say Vihi Noam and Vayiten Lecha) Aleinu; Mourner’s Kaddish

We recite the usual weekday Maariv. After services (some maintain that we should eat first) we sanctify the New Moon of Av.
Havdalah Borei Pri Hagafen andHamavdil.

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