Giving a Get

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R. Shlomo Aviner makes an important statement about how Jewish men should respond in the unfortunate case of a divorce:

Jewish divorce is not a system of monetary extortion. It is a way of separating when there is no choice, so that each partner can build a new home. Therefore, if you have already made up your mind that you are getting divorced, please give your wife her “get” that same day. You can deal with the money matters afterwards, taking all the time you need.

Then he makes a statement that would be wonderful if it were true. Unfortunately, it is not yet true:

If you abuse her, I will abuse you. We will all abuse you. The entire Jewish People will abuse you. We are a delicate people. We cannot bear injustice. We cannot tolerate someone’s extorting his fellow man, let alone his spouse. There are some people who own nothing but their own freedom, and enjoy no luxury but their own freedom, and precisely that you would steal from them!

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