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  • Bridging Vision and Reality

    Yair Kahn (0)
    Bridging Vision and Reality

    by Rav Yair Kahn Sefer Bemidbar opens with the establishment of “machaneh Yisrael” (the Israelite camp) in the...

  • Why We Do Mitzvos

    Gil Student (0)
    Why We Do Mitzvos

    by R. Gil Student A large part of an observant Jew’s day consists of performing mitzvos, fulfilling religious commandments....

  • Audio Roundup

    Joel Rich (0)
    Audio Roundup

    by Joel Rich From a recent Yated: Is this a complimentary story? Every ordinary chiloni invariably asks the same two questions...

  • Rabbi Riskin’s Modern Orthodoxy

    Gil Student (17)
    Rabbi Riskin’s Modern Orthodoxy

    by R. Gil Student If you want to know why Rabbi Shlomo Riskin is apparently being forced into retirement by the Israeli Chief...

  • Daily Reyd

    Gil Student (1)
    Daily Reyd

    ▪ Chief Rabbinate to weigh ending Rabbi Riskin’s tenure in Efrat ▪ Riskin say he will remain Efrat’s rabbi regardless...

  • One Witness

    Gidon Rothstein (0)
    One Witness

    by R. Gidon Rothstein 3 Sivan: One Witness On the third of Sivan, 1933, R. Benzion Meir Chai Uzziel (later to be Sephardic...

  • On Raising Children

    Aharon Lichtenstein (1)
    On Raising Children

    by Rav Aharon Lichtenstein zt”l It should be a truism that raising children is one of the most important things in...

  • The Ballad of Ruth and Naomi

    Gil Student (0)
    The Ballad of Ruth and Naomi

    Dovid Kerner sings the story of the Book of Ruth: ...

  • How Does Torah Make You Free?

    David Silverstein (0)
    How Does Torah Make You Free?

    by R. David Silverstein The Mishna (Avot 6:2) cites the position of R. Yehoshua ben Levi who says that “the only person...

  • Rus Musings

    Gil Student (0)
    Rus Musings

    In the spirit of the upcoming holiday of Shavuos, here is a translation and commentary of the book of Rus we first posted...