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  • Answer Your Emails! Return Your Phone Calls!

    Ari Enkin (1)
    Answer Your Emails! Return Your Phone Calls!

    by Rabbi Ari Enkin It’s fair to say that most people, including this writer, are greatly disturbed by those who don’t...

  • Why Would Ran Recycle a Whole Drasha?

    Gidon Rothstein (0)
    Why Would Ran Recycle a Whole Drasha?

    by R. Gidon Rothstein In the seventh Drasha, Ran repeats much material; indeed, almost the whole Drasha has appeared before...

  • Rav Yankelewitz

    Gil Student (0)
    Rav Yankelewitz

    Rav Gershon Yankelewitz zt”l, a YU rosh yeshiva well over the age of 100, passed away this week. Below is a video of...

  • Seeing God or Being Seen by God

    Elyakim Krumbein (0)
    Seeing God or Being Seen by God

    by R. Elyakim Krumbein Our parasha concludes with the mitzva of “aliya le-regel,” the obligatory pilgrimage to...

  • Elevating Evil

    Aharon Ziegler (0)
    Elevating Evil

    Halakhic Positions of Rav Joseph B. Soloveitchik by R. Aharon Ziegler In the Al HaNissim prayer recited on Chanukah there...

  • Why We Do Mitzvos

    Gil Student (3)
    Why We Do Mitzvos

    A large part of an observant Jew’s day consists of performing mitzvos, fulfilling religious commandments. How often...

  • Audio Roundup

    Joel Rich (0)
    Audio Roundup

    by Joel Rich Anyone know the source for the different tune for the third perek of eicha? ~ ~ ~ Is there a generally accepted...

  • Incorrect Hebrew Pronunciation

    David Berger (5)
    Incorrect Hebrew Pronunciation

    by Dr. David Berger The issue of incorrect pronunciation is, I think, even more challenging nowadays than what Gil presented...

  • Is Leisure Kosher?

    Gil Student (9)
    Is Leisure Kosher?

    The Jewish attitude to leisure is complex and reveals a fundamental divide over religion. The New York Times recently reported...

  • Mispronouncing Hebrew

    Gil Student (3)
    Mispronouncing Hebrew

    I. Mispronouncing Hebrew The minority of Jews who have received sufficient Jewish education to allow proper prayer in Hebrew...