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  • Rabbis Hoffmann and Hirsch on Teaching Biblical Criticism

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    Rabbis Hoffmann and Hirsch on Teaching Biblical Criticism

    Alexander Marx (son-in-law of R. David Tzvi Hoffmann), “David Hoffmann” in Essays in Jewish Biography, pp. 197-198: One...

  • Books That Should Be Written

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    Books That Should Be Written

    1. The Midrash Means The equivalent to The Midrash Says but with explanations about the meaning behind the midrash and what...

  • Democracy in Judaism

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    Democracy in Judaism

    In honor of July 4th, see this this post and this post on democracy and Judaism. ...

  • 17th of Tammuz

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    17th of Tammuz

    What happened on the 17th of Tammuz? (from Aish): Five great catastrophes occurred in Jewish history on the 17th of Tammuz: Moses...

  • Office Microwaves

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    Office Microwaves

    The OU Kashrut Department’s answers in the current issue of Jewish Action, p. 70: To use the office mircowave, one...

  • The Answer for Blogs

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    The Answer for Blogs

    At the Agudah convention this past November, R. Chaim Dovid Zwiebel asked why we see on blogs, and in our community in general,...

  • The Suvalker Rav

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    The Suvalker Rav

    From this week’s Hama’ayan: R’ David Lifschitz z”l R’ Lifschitz, known as the “Suvalker...

  • Is Darwin Kosher?

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    Is Darwin Kosher?

    From today’s Wall Street Journal (p. W11): link. Note that you can buy The Challenge of Creation and place an advance...

  • Another Soloveitchik Machzor

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    Another Soloveitchik Machzor

    The new Rav Soloveitchik machzor for Rosh Hashanah is available now at an advanced discount of 25% here. See here about the...

  • Bless Me for Peace

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    Bless Me for Peace

    The Rambam’s fifth fundamental principle of Judaism includes that we may only pray to God and to no other being (link)....