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  • Non-Male Non-Orthodox Non-Rabbis

    Gil Student (1)
    Non-Male Non-Orthodox Non-Rabbis

    There was an article in The Jerusalem Post a few weeks ago announcing that the Hartman Institute has decided to start ordaining...

  • The God-Parent Metaphor

    Gil Student (0)
    The God-Parent Metaphor

    Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, To Heal a Fractured World: The Ethics of Responsibility, pp. 24-25: The use of a metaphor [of...

  • Spend Pesach in Israel

    Gil Student (0)
    Spend Pesach in Israel

    – Advertisement – Spend Pesach in the Holy Land at programs specifically designed for English speakers. If...

  • Parashah Roundup: Yisro 5768

    Gil Student (0)
    Parashah Roundup: Yisro 5768

    by Steve Brizel Yisro and Moshe R. Yaakov Medan analyzes how and when the Torah mentions the appointment of judges-before...

  • Brich Hu or Amen?

    Ari Enkin (0)
    Brich Hu or Amen?

    By: Rabbi Ari Enkin No doubt readers are well aware of the differing customs on how to respond to Kaddish when the leader...

  • Flipping Out in Yiddish: דאָס יאָר אין ישׂראל

    Gil Student (0)
    Flipping Out in Yiddish: דאָס יאָר אין ישׂראל

    An article about the “Year in Israel” and the book Flipping Out? in the Yiddish Forward: link ...

  • Rational Religion

    Gil Student (0)
    Rational Religion

    R. Avigdor Nebenzahl, in his Sichos on Shemos (I believe no. 13, sorry but everything that follows is paraphrased from [faulty]...

  • Religious Search

    Gil Student (0)
    Religious Search

    The question sometimes arises whether a Jew, in his honest search for truth, must examine every religion to see which one...

  • The Price of Insularity

    Gil Student (0)
    The Price of Insularity

    Gutsy essay by R. Yitzchok Adlerstein about the current tax scandal in his city (link). He is looking for a lesson in the...

  • Parashah Roundup: Beshalakh 5768

    Gil Student (0)
    Parashah Roundup: Beshalakh 5768

    by Steve Brizel Miracles and The Natural Order R. Dr. David Berger examines a well known and possibly misunderstood comment...