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  • Torture in the Torah

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    Torture in the Torah

    Ethicists routinely deal with if and when torture is permissible. YU’s Center for Ethics had Michael Walzer discuss...

  • Colbert Three-Quarters Jewish

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    Colbert Three-Quarters Jewish

    Warning: Don’t press play if you don’t like slightly off-color jokes. ...

  • LA Book Launch

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    LA Book Launch

    ATTENTION CALIFORNIANS: This Sunday evening, join the launch of something monstrously exciting… SACRED MONSTERSMysterious...

  • Jewish Press on Intermarriage

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    Jewish Press on Intermarriage

    The editorial page of The Jewish Press quotes at length from R. Ahron Soloveichik and R. Mayer Twersky regarding relating...

  • Harry Potter’s Fabulous Jewish Monsters III

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    Harry Potter’s Fabulous Jewish Monsters III

    More letters about this article (I, II) in this week’s The Jewish Press (link): Breath Of Fresh Air I was very pleased...

  • Teaneck

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    I’m looking for someone in Teaneck with about an hour to spare who is willing to hang up signs. Please e-mail me. Thank...

  • Rabbi Yishmael: About It and Not It

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    Rabbi Yishmael: About It and Not It

    In the beginning of morning services, we recite passages regarding the sacrificial order. We then proceed to a chapter of...

  • Rashi the Egg Salesman II

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    Rashi the Egg Salesman II

    In this post, I quoted Dr. Haym Soloveitchik’s discussion of whether Rashi was a vintner by profession. There is an...

  • New Comment Policy

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    New Comment Policy

    In order to achieve more transparency in moderation of comments on this blog, let me be clear about a policy that I have...

  • A Kedushah of Roses

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    A Kedushah of Roses

    I used to be surprised, and now am simply amused, when I hear the important kedushah prayer sung by the prayer leader to...