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  • Audio Roundup XXXII

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    Audio Roundup XXXII

    by Joel Rich Rabbi Nisson Lippa Alpert/Matan Torah and Kimu V’kiblu: <a href=””kiblu”>link R’N...

  • Mishloach Manot — Interesting Applications

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    Mishloach Manot — Interesting Applications

    By: Rabbi Ari EnkinIn honor of my Rebbe, Rav Ephraim Greenblatt, shlita (cf. the footnotes) on the Yartzeit of his Rebbe,...

  • Rav Soloveitchik on Amalek: Peshat or Derash? II

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    Rav Soloveitchik on Amalek: Peshat or Derash? II

    In a previous post, I quoted R. Nachum Rabinovitch as disagreeing with R. Moshe Soloveichik’s inference from the Rambam...

  • The Origin of Ta’anit Esther

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    The Origin of Ta’anit Esther

    Guest post by R. Chaim Lindenblatt The problem with Ta’anit Esther is that we shouldn’t celebrate it. The Tur...

  • Parashah Roundup: Tetzaveh/Purim 5769

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    Parashah Roundup: Tetzaveh/Purim 5769

    by Steve Brizel The Purpose of the Priestly Garments R. Mordechai Willig reminds us to emulate the character of Aharon HaKohen...

  • Birkas Ha-Chamah Books

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    Birkas Ha-Chamah Books

    With the once-every-twenty-eight-years opportunity in a few weeks of reciting birkas ha-chamah (see this post: link), I’d...

  • Minimal Mishlo’akh Manos

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    Minimal Mishlo’akh Manos

    Sent by the rabbis listed at the end to a public list (lightly edited): Dear Friends As you well know, we are in the midst...

  • From Attitude to Gratitude

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    From Attitude to Gratitude

    In today’s Wall Street Journal (link):There may be a positive byproduct of our troubled times: a decrease in the urge...

  • Books Received II

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    Books Received II

    I don’t always have the chance to review each book, so I’ll list the books that I receive. Some of them will...

  • Spies Like Them

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    Spies Like Them

    I. Sinning for a Mitzvah Purim is an odd holiday in that one of the heroes of the day lived in sin for most of her life....