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  • Top Rabbis

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    Top Rabbis

    Newsweek has compiled this year’s list of the 50 most influential rabbis in the country (link) and the 25 leading pulpit...

  • How Much Matzah?

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    How Much Matzah?

    R. Mordechai Willig calculates the preferred minimum amount of matzah to eat, i.e. the size of a ke-zayis (link – audio)....

  • Matzot Emunah

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    Matzot Emunah

    From R. Shmuel Jablon (lightly edited): Last week there was a notice on the internet (I, II), including something from the...

  • ORA Rally in Marine Park

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    ORA Rally in Marine Park

    Cancelled for now. Contact Jeremy for more information. ...

  • New Book: A Philosophy of Mitzvot

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    New Book: A Philosophy of Mitzvot

    Now available from Yashar Books: A Philosophy of Mitzvot: The Religious and Ethical Principles of Judaism, their Roots in...

  • Striving For Tzara’as

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    Striving For Tzara’as

    Ever wonder why we no longer experience the malady called tzara’as? Tzara’as is a spiritual illness often mistranslated...

  • Soft News Musings

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    Soft News Musings

    Controversy Over Yiddish Scholar I have a guilty pleasure in seeing that my involvement in the Slifkin Torah-Science controversy...

  • Take A Child To Shul

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    Take A Child To Shul

    R. Yaakov Horowitz writes about the difficulties facing single parents and their children on Shabbos and holidays (link): There...

  • Another E-mail Hoax

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    Another E-mail Hoax

    There was a story circulating a few weeks ago about one of the students in Merkaz HaRav who was brutally murdered by a terrorist....

  • Parashah Roundup: Metzora 5768

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    Parashah Roundup: Metzora 5768

    by Steve Brizel The Study of Torah and Tumah and Taharah R. Aharon Lichtenstein emphasizes that we must study all portions...