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  • Round Menorahs

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    Round Menorahs

    The Terumas Ha-Deshen (105) discusses whether a round menorah is acceptable for use. He answers that if the branches are...

  • The Future of Young Israel

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    The Future of Young Israel

    This article (link) is a pretty good piece of reporting in Yeshiva College’s newspaper The Commentator about the negative...

  • More Conversion Developments II

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    More Conversion Developments II

    Following up on this post, Dr. Daniel Eidensohn has a relevant letter in this week’s issue of The Jewish Press on this...

  • Announcements #014

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    Announcements #014

    Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School in cooperation with Congregation Ohab Zedek invites the entire community to a...

  • If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem!

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    If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem!

    by Rabbi Michael J. Broyde Michael Broyde is the Rabbi of the Young Israel in Atlanta, a law professor at Emory University,...

  • Reminder: Ve-Sein Tal U-Matar

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    Reminder: Ve-Sein Tal U-Matar

    From the Ezras Torah Luach about tonight: At Maariv, we begin to include “ותן טל ומטר”...

  • Are You A Hellenist?

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    Are You A Hellenist?

    My Op-Ed in this week’s issue of The Jewish Press (link): It is Chanukah time again and Jews who have imbibed even...

  • Presidential Message: Hanukkah 2007

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    Presidential Message: Hanukkah 2007

    link: I send greetings to all those celebrating Hanukkah, the festival of lights. Hanukkah commemorates a victory for freedom...

  • Internet Challenges

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    Internet Challenges

    Audios now online: link Rav Mayer TwerskyHow Much is Too Much? Work/Life Balance In Today’s Technologically Driven...

  • Anti-Maccabees

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    Dr. Jeffrey Gurock on Maccabee sports teams (link): The most famous figures of the Chanukah story, the mythic Maccabees,...