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  • The Rebbe and the Missionary

    Gil Student (0)
    The Rebbe and the Missionary

    A great exchange between the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l and a Christian missionary. (hat tip: Avakesh) ...

  • Occasional Vort

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    Occasional Vort

    This is the first in a series of Torah insights based on the teachings of a variety of sages. Please welcome Netanel Livni...

  • Announcements #042

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    Announcements #042

    The Jewish Community of Allentown, Pennsylvania wants to help YOU find a job! We have launched Lehigh Valley Jobs to help...

  • Symposium: Why People Become Orthodox

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    Symposium: Why People Become Orthodox

    This is the first post in an ongoing series of guest posts by leaders from across the Jewish spectrum about why people become...

  • Table Manners and Meal Time

    Ari Enkin (0)
    Table Manners and Meal Time

    By: Rabbi Ari Enkin Although some exhibit behaviors which could have one conclude otherwise, table manners are an essential...

  • Announcements #041

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    Announcements #041

    “Question of the Week” – a question which we will ask our readers to answer through the commenting system...

  • Audio Roundup II

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    Audio Roundup II

    The following is the second post in a new feature that highlights recent Torah audio lectures that are available online....

  • Freedom from Bondage III

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    Freedom from Bondage III

    (Continued from these posts: I, II) CHAPTER THREE: PREDICTIONS AND FULFILLMENTS Prophecies in the Bible are intended to teach...

  • Women on Miriam

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    Women on Miriam

    I was thinking about Miriam this week (the one in the Torah portion) and her sin of slander against Moshe and its related...

  • Parashah Roundup: Beha’alosekha 5768

    Gil Student (0)
    Parashah Roundup: Beha’alosekha 5768

    by Steve Brizel The Kohanim and the Menorah R. Isaac Bernstein zt”l, based on the Ohr HaChaim, investigates how Aharon...