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  • Announcements #030

    Gil Student (0)
    Announcements #030

    Support Rabbi Horowitz R. Yakov Horowitz is a courageous and innovative educator, who is one of the few brave voices in...

  • Jerusalem United: Why No Ban?

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    Jerusalem United: Why No Ban?

    I saw a sign in Brooklyn for a concert and rally starring Yaakov Shwekey and Shalsheles (link). According to this article...

  • Birthdays

    Ari Enkin (0)

    By: Rabbi Ari Enkin “Most people cherish the day on which they were born and make a party on that day.”[1] Judaism...

  • The New OU

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    The New OU

    It seems the OU has come up with a new logo. The same U in the O will remain for kosher certification but the logo on the...

  • Common Ground for Jews and Christians

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    Common Ground for Jews and Christians

    R. Meir Soloveichik discusses Dr. Jacob Neusner’s book on Jesus and where he thinks it misses the boat (link): [H]ow...

  • Flipping Out? in Canada

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    Flipping Out? in Canada

    Research yeshivas before sending your kids, author saysThe Canadian Jewish NewsMarch 20, 2008 pages B10-B11(available online...

  • God versus The Gedolim

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    God versus The Gedolim

    The last verse of the book of Esther is: כי מרדכי היהודי משנה...

  • Welcome New Readers

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    Welcome New Readers

    I don’t know what happened, but yesterday Hirhurim had more hits than I think it has ever had on a single day —...

  • Tanach Yom Iyun

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    Tanach Yom Iyun

    Reminder: YU Tanach Yom Iyun this Sunday. More info here: link ...

  • Purim Torah: Mordechai and Dating

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    Purim Torah: Mordechai and Dating

    R. Daniel Z. Feldman from YU Torah: The Megilah ends with a surprising sad note: that Mordechai was “ratzui l’rov...