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  • Jewish Charity In A New Era

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    Jewish Charity In A New Era

    After Yosef explained Pharaoh’s dream(s), he added a piece of advice on how to proceed (Gen. 41:33): ועתה...

  • RCA Reacts to Madoff Scandal

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    RCA Reacts to Madoff Scandal

    From the RCA (link): In Light of Madoff Scandal, RCA Recommits to Promoting Ethical Standards throughout the Jewish Community Dec...

  • How Do You Eat It, With Your Hands?

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    How Do You Eat It, With Your Hands?

    I’ve had occasion to eat with colleagues at kosher delis and they invariably comment about the way I eat a pickle....

  • Ethical Dilemmas in Blogging

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    Ethical Dilemmas in Blogging

    A few weeks ago I spent Shabbos in YU. One of the talks I gave was about the ethical dilemmas of blogging. I had prepared...

  • Parashah Roundup: Miketz-Chanukah 5769

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    Parashah Roundup: Miketz-Chanukah 5769

    by Steve Brizel Yosef’s Dreams and Pharoah’s Dreams R. Amnon Bazak explains the relationship between Yosef’s...

  • Audio Roundup XXII

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    Audio Roundup XXII

    by Joel Rich Rav J B Soloveitchik – Al Hanisim Chanuka: link Fascinating broad discussion from 1971. Topics include...

  • Yehudah’s Story

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    Yehudah’s Story

    Chapter 38 of Bereishis, the story of Yehudah and Tamar, is a somewhat jarring interruption to the Yosef story that raises...

  • YU Learns Mussar

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    YU Learns Mussar

    The NY Times has an article today about how Yeshiva University is trying to learn lessons from the Madoff Scandal (link)....

  • Chanuka —> Al Hanissim

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    Chanuka —> Al Hanissim

    By: Rabbi Ari Enkin Whenever one has eaten a meal on Chanuka (or Purim), there is a special prayer, known as “al hanissim”,...

  • Reminder: WebYeshiva Get-Together

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    Reminder: WebYeshiva Get-Together

    Students of Rabbi Chaim Brovender from throughout the years are invited to join the First Annual “Real World”...