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  • Nechama Leibowitz Online

    Gil Student (0)
    Nechama Leibowitz Online

    At last, all the “Gilyonot Parashat Shavu’ah” that Nechama Leibowitz taught have been collected onto one...

  • Counting the Sefira

    Ari Enkin (0)
    Counting the Sefira

    By: Rabbi Ari Enkin It seems that it is primarily the Rambam who is of the opinion that the Sefirat Ha’omer count...

  • The Challenge of Fairness

    Gil Student (0)
    The Challenge of Fairness

    R. Aharon Lichtenstein, in a recent Commentator interview with Ben Eleff, on the problem of being overly positive or overly...

  • Soft News Musings II

    Gil Student (0)
    Soft News Musings II

    Talking Charity An Op-Ed in the Forward advocates imitating the Christian practice of tithing. While the essay raises the...

  • Was Willy Loman Frum?

    Gil Student (0)
    Was Willy Loman Frum?

    Was Willy Loman, the main character in Arthur Miller’s classic play Death of a Salesman, an observant Jew? No, but...

  • The Nachum Segal Mystery Solved

    Gil Student (0)
    The Nachum Segal Mystery Solved

    What is the most mysterious thing about Nachum Segal’s JM in the AM radio show? According to some people with whom...

  • Slipping One Past

    Gil Student (0)
    Slipping One Past

    I’m looking at the 2003 translation of R. Marcus Lehmann‘s Akiva (link). Here is how the bio in the book describes...

  • Styles of Haggadah Commentaries

    Gil Student (0)
    Styles of Haggadah Commentaries

    The Pesach Haggadah is generally considered to be the Jewish text with the most commentaries written on it. J.D. Eisenstein...

  • Praying For Rain

    Gil Student (0)
    Praying For Rain

    The general custom outside of Israel is to follow the practice of talmudic Babylonia to mention rain (“mashiv ha-ru’ach...

  • Working on Chol Hamoed

    Ari Enkin (0)
    Working on Chol Hamoed

    By: Rabbi Ari Enkin Perhaps the least understood aspect of the Torah-mandated holidays is their Chol Hamoed component. Chol...