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  • Tekheles Strings

    Gil Student (0)
    Tekheles Strings

    R. Shlomo Aviner on wearing tekheles (blue) strings on your tallis and tzitzis garments (link): Q: Should I wear the techelet...

  • The End of a Tradition

    Gil Student (1)
    The End of a Tradition

    According to The Jewish Press, the rabbi of Washington Heights’ Khal Adath Jeshurun recently said publicly at a memorial...

  • The Challenge of Belief

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    The Challenge of Belief

    I. In a much-discussed essay (Kovetz Ma’amarim pp. 11-12), R. Elchanan Wasserman asks how the Torah can command a Jew...

  • The Tradition of Seforim

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    The Tradition of Seforim

    The Seforim blog has been adopted by the RCA journal Tradition and has moved to the Tradition Online website where it has...

  • Symposium: Why People Become Orthodox II

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    Symposium: Why People Become Orthodox II

    (continuation of this series: I) Conservative Rabbi Charles L. Arian is the rabbi of Beth Jacob Synagogue in Norwich, CT....

  • Interview and Review

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    Interview and Review

    R. Yoel Finkelman of ATID: Interviews Prof. Shalom Rosenberg, author of In the Footsteps of the Kuzari: link (MP3) Reviews...

  • Occasional Vort II

    Gil Student (0)
    Occasional Vort II

    by Netanel Livni Simcha Raz brings the following vort in his book שבעים פנים לתורה: The...

  • Forcing a Divorce

    Ari Enkin (0)
    Forcing a Divorce

    By: Rabbi Ari Enkin While marriage is intended to be a once-in-a-lifetime arrangement, unfortunately it isn’t always...

  • Organ Donation IV

    Gil Student (0)
    Organ Donation IV

    Yediot Acharonot is reporting that R. Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg — probably the greatest living halakhic scholar who...

  • Calling Women to the Torah

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    Calling Women to the Torah

    On the Seforim blog, Rabbi Prof. Aryeh A. Frimer writes a very substantial critique of Rabbi Prof. Daniel Sperber’s...