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  • Frum Blogs

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    Frum Blogs

    Frum Blogger – Hayelchu Yachdav? by Rabbi Asher Meir Gil brought my attention to a recent article by Zvi Frankel in...

  • God, Man and Nietzsche

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    God, Man and Nietzsche

    < p class=”MsoNormal” style=”MARGIN-LEFT: 12pt”> - Sponsored Review -Learn more about God, Man...

  • Announcements #016

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    Announcements #016

    The Lookstein Center of Bar-Ilan University will be presenting a weekend program on Jewish education in conjunction with...

  • Mezinke Dance

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    Mezinke Dance

    The Forward says the following about the origin of the Mezinke Dance aka Broom Dance (link): The mezinke tanz, or krenzel,...

  • Parashah Roundup: Vayigash 5768

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    Parashah Roundup: Vayigash 5768

    by Steve Brizel Yosef’s Reconciliation with His Brothers The Chafetz Chaim (as prepared by Rabbi Eliezer Kwass) explains...

  • Reviews of Flipping Out

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    Reviews of Flipping Out

    Two blog reviews of Flipping Out? Myth or Fact: The Impact of the “Year in Israel”, a new book from Yashar (more...

  • The Future of Young Israel II

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    The Future of Young Israel II

    Shlomo Mostofsky, President of the National Council of Young Israel, responded to the Commentator article (link) on the Commentator’s...

  • Announcements #015

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    Announcements #015

    Write for Beis Yitzchak, the YU Torah journal. Click on the image below for more details. A website and fund have been set...

  • The Concept of Mehadrin

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    The Concept of Mehadrin

    In a recent essay, Jonathan Rosenblum responds to an Op-Ed that declares that “Heter Mekhirah” represents a manifestation...

  • The Contras

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    The Contras

    Dr. Jonathan Ostroff wrote an Op-Ed in The Jewish Press two weeks ago in opposition to R. Natan Slifkin’s views: link R....