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  • Lashon Ha-Ra and Newspapers

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    Lashon Ha-Ra and Newspapers

    R. Eliezer Melamed is active with Arutz Sheva and is the rabbi of the weekly newspaper Be-Sheva (link). In one of his columns...

  • Long Time No See!

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    Long Time No See!

    By: Rabbi Ari Enkin The Talmud teaches that one who has not seen a good friend in over a month should recite a special blessing...

  • Reb Sholom Herman, a”h

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    Reb Sholom Herman, a”h

    This is the eulogy I gave for my wife’s grandfather today, Reb Sholom ben Yitzchak Zev Herman ×¢”×”: The...

  • Audio Roundup XXVI

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    Audio Roundup XXVI

    by Joel Rich #26 sounds like a half year’s worth and a good time to get some feedback on the audio reviews (before...

  • OU Marriage Satisfaction Survey

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    OU Marriage Satisfaction Survey

    We can’t solve communal problems unless we know what they are. Data collection is crucial for that. As part of an ongoing...

  • Announcements #073: New Hebrew Ulpan Online with WebYeshiva

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    Announcements #073: New Hebrew Ulpan Online with WebYeshiva

    New Hebrew Ulpan Online with WebYeshiva We are the “People of the Book.” Wouldn’t you like to read and...

  • President Obama’s Prayer Service

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    President Obama’s Prayer Service

    I. The Issue There was a recent disagreement over participation in an interfaith service at the National Cathedral celebrating...

  • Announcements #072: YCT/SAR Yom Iyun on Torah Shebe’al Peh

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    Announcements #072: YCT/SAR Yom Iyun on Torah Shebe’al Peh

    YCT/SAR Yom Iyun on Talmud and Torah Shebe’al Peh – February 1, 2009 YCT Rabbincal School and SAR High School...

  • Parashah Roundup: Va’era 5769

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    Parashah Roundup: Va’era 5769

    by Steve Brizel An Overview of Parshiyos Shmos and Vaera-What Was Really at Stake? Rav Soloveitchik zt”l discusses...

  • The Jewish Neuhaus

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    The Jewish Neuhaus

    David Klinghoffer published a provocative essay in the Jerusalem Post last week (link). Remarking on the passing of Father...