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  • The Righteous

    Gil Student (0)
    The Righteous

    Do the righteous have an impulse to sin, a yetzer ha-ra? In the opening chapter of Tanya (Likkutei Amarim), R. Schneur Zalman...

  • Orthodox Jews, Infidelity and the Internet

    Gil Student (0)
    Orthodox Jews, Infidelity and the Internet

    There was a recent story about Chasidim using the internet to facilitate infidelity and leaving their community (link). This...

  • A Beautiful Wife

    Ari Enkin (1)
    A Beautiful Wife

    By: Rabbi Ari Enkin There’s a widespread misconception that a religious Jewish woman is not permitted to expose her...

  • Audio Roundup XVIII

    Gil Student (0)
    Audio Roundup XVIII

    by Joel Rich Harav Meir Soloveichik Shlita (or anyone with access to him) – Now that the West Wing is going live, will...

  • Are Pets Muktzah?

    Gil Student (0)
    Are Pets Muktzah?

    I was asked whether pets are muktzah, i.e. are you allowed to pick them up on Shabbos? The short answer is, according to...

  • I Want To Be A Rebbe II

    Gil Student (0)
    I Want To Be A Rebbe II

    It seems that there was more confusion and offense taken over last week’s post of a video than I had expected (link)....

  • Shabbos in YU

    Gil Student (0)
    Shabbos in YU

    FYI, I plan on spending Shabbos at YU in two weeks, Parashas Vayetze, December 5th-6th. I believe that I will be eating in...

  • The First Two Words Of Kaddish

    Gil Student (0)
    The First Two Words Of Kaddish

    I learned in yeshivah that the proper way to pronounce the first two words of Kaddish are with the “tzeireih”...

  • Jnews Roundup XI

    Gil Student (0)
    Jnews Roundup XI

    R. Menachem Genack tells readers that his cousin, Julius Genachowski, is on Obama’s transition team (<a href=””s_-_And_Americ.html”>Jewish...

  • Blessed In Everything

    Gil Student (0)
    Blessed In Everything

    Gen. 24:1: ואברהם זקן בא בימים וה’ ברך את...