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  • Tanach Yom Iyun

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    Tanach Yom Iyun

    Reminder: YU Tanach Yom Iyun this Sunday. More info here: link ...

  • Purim Torah: Mordechai and Dating

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    Purim Torah: Mordechai and Dating

    R. Daniel Z. Feldman from YU Torah: The Megilah ends with a surprising sad note: that Mordechai was “ratzui l’rov...

  • Who was Achashveirosh?

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    Who was Achashveirosh?

    by Rabbi Dov Kramer Who was Achashveirosh? For generations, scholars and historians have discussed and debated the identity...

  • Blessing The Second Reading

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    Blessing The Second Reading

    The Blessing Ever wonder why we (or at least we Ashkenazim) recited the blessing “She-Hecheyanu” twice before...

  • Parashah Roundup: Tzav-Purim 5768

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    Parashah Roundup: Tzav-Purim 5768

    by Steve Brizel Vayikra and Tzav R. Yitzchak Etshalom examines many of the differences between the Torah’s presentation...

  • Solving All Of Yeshiva College’s Problems In One Fell Swoop

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    Solving All Of Yeshiva College’s Problems In One Fell Swoop

    I’ll admit that the title of this post is more than a little ambitious. Instead of attempting the impossible, let’s...

  • Announcements #029

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    Announcements #029

    Rabbi Chaim Brovender on “Torah From Cyberspace”Sunday, March 23 at 7:30 PM at Lincoln Square Synagogue, NYC Live...

  • Purim on a Friday

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    Purim on a Friday

    By: Rabbi Ari Enkin Although Purim is anticipated by many all year long, a Friday arrival is often received with disappointing...

  • New Periodical and Articles of Interest

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    New Periodical and Articles of Interest

    New Issue of Jewish Educational Leadership on the subject of “Kids at Risk”: link Editor’s Introduction...

  • Ibn Ezra and Karaites

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    Ibn Ezra and Karaites

    In the comments to a recent post, a debate emerged regarding the Ibn Ezra’s attitude towards Karaite commentators...