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  • Comments Moderation

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    Comments Moderation

    Note the following addition to the brief notes at the top of Hirhurim’s website: Comments Moderation: For questions...

  • New Periodical: Alei Etzion volume 15

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    New Periodical: Alei Etzion volume 15

    The new issue of Alei Etzion just arrived in the mail. All of the articles are available online at the following links: Religious...

  • The Center for the Jewish Present

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    The Center for the Jewish Present

    I just don’t understand this opinion piece in The Commentator, titled “Center for the Jewish Present” (link)....

  • Chief Rabbi on Torah and Science

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    Chief Rabbi on Torah and Science

    Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks spoke at yesterday’s conference on medical ethics and the indefatiguable Chana was there...

  • A Shtiebel’s Guide to Success

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    A Shtiebel’s Guide to Success

    I’ve been thinking lately about how shuls start and succeed, and the different models for them. In particular, how...

  • Syrian Jews

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    Syrian Jews

    A not-so-nice article in the NY Times about Syrian-American Jews and their refusal to accept converts: link In unrelated...

  • Announcements #002

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    Announcements #002

    Spiritualize your Shabbos with a newly published book by Rabbi Boruch Leff: Shabbos in My Soul(Targum/Feldheim) “Learn...

  • More Observant Spouse

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    More Observant Spouse

    Dr. Asher Meir addresses a very tough question in his Jewish Ethicist column (link): Q. My husband has recently become much...

  • The Pitfalls of Zavla

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    The Pitfalls of Zavla

    R. Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer on his experience serving on an ad-hoc beis din and why he will never do so in the future: Intro,...

  • Jnews Roundup I

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    Jnews Roundup I

    This is the first in what will hopefully become a regular feature of links to news stories of interest in the online (English)...