Language in Which to Recite the Haggada

by R. Daniel Mann Question: At our seder, there will be a wide range in Hebrew proficiency and understanding of the Haggada’s texts. What language should we use to read the Haggada? Answer: The mishna (Sota 32a) lists texts that may be recited in any language, including Kri’at Shema, tefilla, Birkat Hamazon. While the Haggada is not mentioned, it is ...

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Dividing Megillat Esther Among Readers

by R. Daniel Mann Question: Is it proper to divide the reading of Megillat Esther among multiple baalei kri’ah? Answer: It depends what you mean by “proper,” as we will explain. The gemara’s (Megilla 21a-b) discussion of multiple ba’alei kri’ah refers to their reading at the same time, which is valid (Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chayim 290:2) although rarely done. The ...

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A Rabbi’s Approach to Monetary Problem Solving

by R. Daniel Mann Question: (We present a summary of a conversation with a new community rabbi who sought our help in handling a monetary dispute between two congregants. The specific dispute and solution are not the focus of this presentation.) The scope of the dispute, between people who need to interact with each other regularly, is approximately 2-3,000 shekels. ...

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