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Gil Student

Rabbi Gil Student is the founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of Torah Musings.

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3 Responses

  1. Nachum Lamm says:

    Wasn’t Maurice Wohlgelernter rabbi in Inwood for many years?

  2. Tal Benschar says:

    When you review the actual words of R. Mosheh Lichtenstein, you can see his approval of women wearing tefillin is extremely tepid and limited:

    “Of course, it should be emphasized, there will always be room to consider circumstances that require exceptions to the rule as is the case in all areas of life. For example, I gave my approval for a woman to don tefilin privately at home when I was convinced of her sincerity and inner need, and was made aware of problems that would ensue if she was prohibited from doing so. However, a prerequisite for these exceptional cases is absolute certainty that the person is motivated by a sincere desire for religious experience and intimacy with God and not extraneous considerations like gender equality. Moreover, it should be emphasized that this is not ideal, and that such situations would better be avoided.. For the time being I think that we should preferably act according to the principles which I suggested above , and avoid such innovations.”

    Notice this hetter is ONLY for private wearing at home and ONLY where he is absolutely certain that the motivation is pure. And even then the situation is less than ideal.


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