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Parsha Roundup: Parashas Terumah 5773


by Steve Brizel

  • Rav Soloveitchik ZL discusses Binyan Beis HaMikdash: link 1 (audio), link 2 (audio), Tefilah: link (audio) and the Beis HaKnesses: link 1 (audio), link 2 (audio)
  • R Aaron Soloveitchiuk ZL discusses the Kedushah of the Mishkan: link (audio)
  • R Hershel Schachter discusses how to bring the Beis HaMikdash into our living rooms: link (audio)
  • R Daniel Z. Feldman discusses priorities in giving: link (audio), and the Mitzvah of building a Beis HaMikdash: link (audio)
  • R Berel Wein discusses the symbol of the Tabernacle: link
  • R Yissocher Frand discusses the symbolism of the Keruvim: link
  • R Yitzchak Etshalom discusses the relationship between the Mishkan and the Mikdash: link 1 (PDF), link 2 (PDF)
  • The Nesivos Shalom ZL, as explicated by R Yitzchak Adlerstein, explains why the Mishkan is a blueprint for personal growth: link
  • The Netziv, as explicated by R Yitzchak Adlerstein, illustrates how the Kruvim represent the love between HaShem and Am Yisrael: link
  • R Ephraim Buchwald demonstrates how the Mishkan represents the Jewish home: link
  • R Sir Jonathan Sacks discusses how the Mishkan is a definition of the architecture of Kedushah: link
  • R Ezra Bick discusses the function of the Kapores and Keruvim: link
  • R Michael Rosensweig discusses how the building of the Mishkan enabled Am Yisrael to interact with the Shechinah: link, and its relevance to our Avodas HaShem: link (audio)
  • R Zvi Sobolofsky explains why the building of the Mishkan was the culmination of Yetzias Mitzrayim: link
  • R Yakov Haber discusses the hidden and revealed aspects of the Shechinah: link
  • R Dovid Gottlieb discusses the message and meaning of the Menorah: link (audio)
  • R Baruch Simon discusses the voluntary nature of the donations for the building of the Mishkan: link (audio), and how the Torah continues to be heard from Har Sinai through today: link (audio)
  • R Elchanan Adler, based on the commentary of the Ramban, analyzes the chronology in the building of the Mishkan: link (audio)
  • R Asher Weiss discusses Halachos relating to the Kosel HaMaaravi , Stoma Lishmah in Mitzvos, and Mikdash M’at: link (audio)
  • R Elyakim Koenisgberg underscores the value of effort: link (audio)
  • R Aharon Kahn discusses whether the Beis HaMikdash should have built sooner: link (audio)
  • R Azarya Berzon reminds us that the Mitzvah of Tzedakah cannot be fulfilled by stolen money: link (audio)
  • R Avishai David discusses the need for and the secret of the Mishkan: link 1, lik 2 (audio)
  • R Chaim Eisensein discusses how to sanctify the material: link (audio)
  • R Yonasan Sacks discusses the Mitzvah of making the Klei HaMikdash: link (audio)
  • Shoalim V Dorshim Shloshim Yom Department

  • Rav Soloveitchik ZL analyzes many aspects of the Halachos and Hashkafa of Purim: link 1 (audio), link 2 (audio), link 3 (audio), link 4 (audio), link 5 (audio), link 6 (audio), link 7 (audio), link 8 (audio), link 9 (audio), link 10 (audio)
  • R David Brofsky discusses numerous aspects of Hilcos Purim: link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5
  • R Asher Weiss discusses Mishloach Manos, Seudah, Simcha and Matonos LaEvyonim: link (audio)

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