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Parashah Roundup: Miketz-Chanukah 5773

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by Steve Brizel

  • Rav Soloveitchik ZL explains why the mitzvah of Teshuvah is a common themes of the Parshiyos from Vayeshev to the end of Sefer Breishis and Chanukah: link
  • R Berel Wein illustrates why the interpretation of dreams requires a certain intuition, self-confidence, and certainty of spirit that is found in all great people: link
  • R Yissocher Frand discusses the elements of being a person who is wise and discerning: link
  • R Yitzchak Etshalom examines the behavior of Yosef’s brothers in Egypt: link
  • The Netziv, ZL as elucidated by R Yitzchak Adlerstein, explains why Reuven made the first suggestion to send Binyamin to Egypt: link
  • The Nesivos Shalom ZL , as elucidated by R Yitzchak Adlerstein, sets forth the daily minimum Avodah: link
  • R Asher Weiss discusses making a bracha on a minhag: link (audio)
  • R Asher Brander examines Yosef’s reaction to his being summoned by Pharoah: link
  • R Shlomoh Riskin explores why Yosef did not notify Yaakov of his being appointed a very influential person in Egypt: link
  • R Sir Jonathan Sacks illustrates why Yosef was successful in his efforts when he remembered HaShem: link
  • R Ezra Bick examines the rise of Yehudah as the tribe of leadership and kingship: link
  • R Yonasan Sacks examines the character and compassion of Yosef: link
  • R Mordechai Willig examines when seeking to compromise is a reprehensible mistake: link
  • R Baruch Simon discusses seeking Kedusha and its effect on our lives: link (audio), and the relationship between Chanukah and understanding ourselves: link (audio)
  • R Azarya Berzon discusses numerous issues raised by the Ramban in his commentary on this week’s Parsha: link (audio), link (audio)
  • R Avigdor Nevenzal discusses bias is illustrative of moral blindness: link (audio)
  • R Hanan Balk discusses why the events surrounding Yosef and his brothers were a seminal event in the formation, exile, and redemption of the Jewish People: link (audio)
  • R Mordechai Willig surveys the roles of Menashe and Ephraim: link (audio)
  • Shoalim VDorshim Department

  • R Michael Rosensweig examines why Neros Chanukah is a cherished expression of Kiddush and Ahavas HaShem: link, a celebration of the consistency and comprehensiveness of Jewish life: link, and a holiday of idealism and maximalism: link
  • Rebbitzen Smadar Rosenweig discusses the themes of restoration and rededication in Zecaryah and the Haftorah for Shabbos Chanukah: link (audio)
  • R Yosef Elefant discusses various aspects of Chanukah: link 1 (audio), link 2 (audio), link 3 (audio), and various themes in R Shlomoh Volbe ZL’s sefer Alei Shur: link 4 (audio)
  • R Zvi Sobolofsky discusses where and when to light Chanukah candles: link (audio)
  • R Netanel Wiederblank discusses the relationship between Chanukah and Torah She Baal Peh: link (audio)
  • R Shalom Rosner explores the relationship between Hadlakas Neros Chanukah and Hadlakas Neros BaMikdash: link (audio)

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