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The following books have been received and may be reviewed or quoted in the future:


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  1. micha says:

    Re “The Jewish Art of Self Discovery” by R. Benjamin Rapaport…

    I am concerned with books that that conflate mussar with self-help. It’s kind of like RYBS’s observation about “A family that prays together stays together” — prayer should be an end in itself, and not be sold as a means to family harmony. It’s an Adam-the-First approach to the world, consistent with today’s zeitgeist, but one that divorces religion from its redemptive potential. Adam-the-Second is left lonely.

    Books like this turn mussar from being a means of becoming the person Hashem made me to be into a tool for self-actualization, being able to be the person I wish I were. Observing the Torah as a means to be happy rather than simply because it’s the right thing to do.

    You want to write a self-help book, great. We need more happiness and self-fulfillment in this world. But don’t make the Torah “a spade to dig with”.

  2. Mycroft. says:

    The correct spelling is Rabbi Benjamin Yasgur


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